Radiology Consultant Interview Preparation Workshop

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Cost: £350

Radiology Consultant Interviews

After 13 years of experience conducting successful Radiology Interviews preparation for generations of doctors we are proud to announce a bespoke training course for radiology trainees about to embark on their Consultant Radiologist journey.

The Radiology Consultant Interviews course has been designed keeping in mind specific needs of the speciality of Radiology and Practitioners. The coaching workshop will be conducted virtually and will comprise of a dedicated session on CV designing and focusing on unique selling points, followed by an intense mock interview with an expert panel of NHS managers, Consultants and HR representatives- preparing you thus for every eventuality of the daunting Radiology Consultant Interviews.

The model is bespoke, tailored to the specific post and Trust you have applied for. We will send reading material in advance of the workshop, and follow it up with some further stuff.


Heres how the session goes:

– 30 minutes of focussing on getting the CV right, bringing out USPs, and working together with Dr Mankad on core questions.

– 40 minutes of mock interviewing with an expert panel.

– 20 minutes of an interactive but intense feedback, with tips and tricks leaving you energised.

We got your back!

This course is open through the year so do not hesitate in get in touch with us on

Please do not hesitate to contact me before booking with any specific questions you may have at