Radiology ST Interview Skills Preparation Course

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Course Dates:

(Spaces Available: 20)

Course Venue:

Link to the calendar will be sent out to you as soon as you register- you just choose and book!

Cost: £175

Getting it Right the First Time – Radiology ST Interviews 2021

Various dates – get yours booked!

It is time for the 2021 Radiology Interviews! After13 years helping so many starry eyed doctors reach their goals with a terrific track record, we turn the page on to 2021- a year of endurance and the interviews gone virtual. We have put together an expert panel comprised of Radiologists and HR managers trained in the art and skill of interviewing and providing meaningful detailed feedback to get your act ready.

Every 90 minute session is panned out as follows:

-30 minute basics and USPs with Dr Mankad.

-40 minutes of intensive mock interviews divided into prepping you for each aspect of the interview.

-20 minutes of constructive detailed feedback.

Reading material is sent electronically as soon as you book, and it is our tradition to keep in touch with our candidates, supporting them through the entire process all the way into the interviews and after.

After registration our team will email the calendar link to you so you can select the date and time as convenient to you.