UK Radiology Interviews Specialist Training 2021-22: Comprehensive Prep Course

Radiology ST INterviews
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Cost: £150


It has been a matter of pride for Radiology Recipes to have been associated with so many success stories for the last 15 years. We have nurtured and supported many starry eyed junior doctors through the Radiology ST Interviews who are now well placed across the country as Consultants and Trainees.

Four years ago, we launched a 2 day version for providing comprehensive preparation for the SRAs and interviews, as well as to provide long term support leading on to the actual interviews.

Our very successful comprehensive radiology interviews training course is being organised to provide you the best preparation for 2022 Interviews.

Our main highlight has been interactive training, multiple mock interview rounds, and a lot of self reflection. This preparation covers all aspects of the Radiology ST Interviews in a detailed fashion, including the new module SPECIALTY RECRUITMENT ASSESSMENT and specific workshops on image interpretation, audit analysis, prioritisation and other task based tests. As mentioned, personalised interview support, coaching and mentoring continues up until the actual interviews.

Ticket cost for is 150 GBP covering all the supporting material right up to the interviews.