Trevor Gaunt

I attended your ST1 interview workshop on 11 Jan 2014 and found the entire day to be of great use. The other staff you had working with you were exceptionally helpful and positively critical, and the venue made the interview day seem less daunting. Particularly useful were the three separate mock interviews which I found gave me immediate feedback on areas which I could work on for the remainder of the day. I would certainly recommend this course to others.

Trevor Gaunt Clinical Teaching Fellow, Barts and The London SMD

I attended the Radiology Recipes Interview preparation course on 16/2/19.

From the outset Kish and his team were very professional, sending out a lot of preparatory reading in advance of the course to prepare us for the day-long practice session. On the day of the course itself we comprehensively covered the most likely topics for discussion at interview, and in afternoon his team ran mock interviews, where we put into practice everything we had learned in the morning (and in our preparatory reading). The feedback I got was very insightful, and I was able to use so many of the topics and facts that had been mentioned during that day in my actual interview 2 weeks later. Of particular help was that the preparation course was in the actual building where the interviews were held, meaning I was immediately more at home there when it came to the interview day, which in retrospect was invaluable. 

Kish and his team (especially an exceptionally helpful radiology registrar called Dylan, who had previously been on the course himself) were extremely helpful, and went far beyond what I expected – I felt like he actually cared personally about how we did, and was invested in our getting a place in training.

After my interview I was offered a training place at one of my top choices.

The course was excellent;  money well-spent! I would encourage everyone preparing for radiology interview to attend.

Cathal, prospective radiology trainee starting Sept 2019.

Cathal Radiology Recipes Delegate prospective Radiology Trainee starting Sept 2019
Zaheer Ahmed

Hello Dr Mankad

Guess what??  I got in to RADIOLOGY!!!

I got my 1st choice track: North West – Lancashire and Cumbria.

still can’t believe it. So happy!

I want to say a massive thank you for all your help and advice. The course was amazing! You absolutely grilled us but that’s what I needed. All that reading material was 100% useful. I will definitely recommend it to future applicants.

Zaheer Ahmed Radiology Recipes Delegate
Sowmya Veerasuri

I secured ST1 radiology in sheffield (my first choice) I just wanted to thank you as I wouldn’t have done this without the course.

Sowmya Veerasuri Radiology Recipes Delegate
Dr HC Davison

Just to let you know I was successful at interview and got offered my first choice deanery in the North East. Many thanks for your advice and support through the ST Interview Skills workshop, it proved very useful. I also found having it held in the same location as the actual interviews helped with nerves on the day (enhanced situational awareness!). Thanks again.

Dr HC Davison South Tees NHS Trust
Walid Al-Deeb MBBS MRCP(UK)

Radiology recipes was certainly the driving force that supported my successful application to radiology.

It provided a welcoming platform where I met my competitors, trainees from a diversity of deaneries and moreover provided a superlative series of didactic and interactive sessions that provided grey matter for the actual interview. Dr Mankad’s teaching and courses were certainly a turning point in my career.

On the other hand, The Society of Radiologists annual general meeting provides a different platform to build on. A multitude of radiology registrars from across the country meet at a relaxed 2 day event, socialise and attend contemporary radiology seminars, hands on practice and interactive sessions. Foundation doctors, medical students and even registrars from other specialities, with a vision to applying to radiology, send in their audits and work as posters and some even oral presentations. This of course raises the standard of their cv for which they can mention participation at a national/European level “radiology” conference.

There will be ample of time to interact with current trainees who can offer the best of advise at a completely relaxed environment. Furthermore, being a member of the SRT is currently free. So I hope you make the most of it.

The fusion of radiology recipes courses with the only trainee led radiology society in the UK merely adumbrates it up all for you!

Walid Al-Deeb MBBS MRCP(UK) President of the Society of Radiologists in Training, UK
Alexandra Moldovan

I am writing to thank you for organising this course, for all your help and guidance you and your team provide during the course and all along until the interview; it has helped me get a post in Radiology!

Alexandra Moldovan Radiology Recipes Delegate
Dr Sabrina Memarian

“Attending the Radiology Recipe Interview Course was absolutely worth it! Preparation is key and as a result I will be commencing as a radiology trainee at my first choice Deanery. I felt the course allowed me to learn pertinent interview techniques as well as understand the structure and content of the UK radiology ST1 interviews. I was particularly humbled by how supportive the programme director Dr Mankad and radiology registrar Dr Roi were. They went above and beyond the duties of organising a course and you can tell with the amount of effort they put in, that they really wanted us to succeed!”

Dr Sabrina Memarian Radiology Recipes Delegate
Hiten Joshi

This is to give you an update. I am pleased to inform you that I have been successful in obtaining a radiology training post in the Yorkshire deanery, the Hull & East Yorkshire school. I was ranked 239. Thank you very much for your course, it was a tremendous help for the big day. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hiten Joshi Radiology Recipes Delegate